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Since ancient times drumming has been a part of the our lives. It was used to communicate, celebrate ,energise and strengthen the web of community. Different kinds of drums of varying shapes and sizes have always been a part of mass gatherings and celebrations in Indian sub continent and World over. In the ancient scriptures of India one can find reference of drums. Even today, in innumerable tribal cultures, drums are an essential parts of their rituals, be it Gonds or Bheels of Central India or the Tribes of Africa. Current research is now investigating the benefits and therapeutic effects of these ancient rhythm techniques.

Interactive drumming is a unique experience where one individual connects with others as well as his own self. It invokes the collective energy of the group and fosters the realisation of tremendous human potential. Whether it’s a team event or a get together, a seminar or a conference, drumming together has the unique power to bring people together and share moments which are cherished for lifetime.

  • Drumming has powerful physiological effects. It is a physical activity, working on various muscle groups, providing an intense body workout.
  • Drumming releases hormones and endorphins that elevates mood and induces calm. It increases the Alpha brain waves, which are associated with feelings of well-being and ecstasy.
  • Group Drumming is therapeutic. It decreases anxiety, stress and depression. It is a great way of release.
  • The process of drumming engages both the rational left brain and the creative, intuitive right brain. The two brain hemispheres often emanate different wave frequencies, and while drumming, they pulsate in harmony and synchronization. This leads to the intuitive knowing flowing and getting into the conscious awareness thereby facilitating newer insights and never before explored or tapped possibilities.
  • Emotionally it centers you in just the way meditation does. You live in the moment. It increases the ability to focus inward as well as outward.
  • Group drumming is a social activity and breaks down culture, gender and age barriers. People play as one whole…great for community bonding and team building.
  • Science now validates drumming as a method of healing. It is used to help people suffering from ailments such as Alzheimer's disease, Autism and Parkinson's disease. Research shows that music can be helpful in chronic pain management, mood enhancement, and possibly effects brain stimulation and memory.
  • It enhances self-expression and creativity. It allows the human mind to explore new realms, generating new neuronal connections. So much so research shows that it leads to reversal of stress induced genetic signatures, indicating it as a very effective tool for stress reduction.
  • It improves listening skills and concentration. When playing together you get your cues from listening and paying attention to others or else you know that you will break the rhythm.
  • It creates state of euphoria, promotes play and is a lot of fun. Research proves that such activity creates the Alpha brain waves which are responsible for relaxation. These are missing in a major section of population, thanks to the stress environments we all live in. These are ideally supposed to generate the moment we shut our eyes, but with abnormal ways of life today, they do not even arise under calmer situations. Music sessions create these waves within a span of few minutes and is a very big soother to the turbulent mind.
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