Team Building
From introductory programs for new recruits, to enhancing leadership skills for top management, we offer various modules that add a new dimension to executive education and organisational development.

In today’s ever changing business environments, every organisation is faced with numerous operational challenges. Corporate leaders face much more complex tasks, be it determining the goals and strategies, keeping the morale of the task force high, developing clear channels of communication, so as to sustain organisational growth.
Successful, progressive companies use various programs and group activities to ensure teamwork, employee retention, and financial growth.

Group Drumming opens up new channels of communication, understanding, trust and bonding. It boosts the morale of employees, triggers creative thinking and is a great stress buster. Drumming together draws out the collective energy of the team, realisation of the same and channelising it in a efficient, productive direction.

Every workshop is unique, having a specific purpose for the group. Each participant is provided with a drum. Starting with simple warm-up exercises, the facilitator guides them through various activities that emphasize and gives an insight into the processes of communication, listening, concentration, trust building, interpersonal skills, seeking newer challenges, supporting each other and all this while having fun as a team.

Our Rhythm modules can be held on-site at your organization's premises, off-site as a whole day session or a skill specific module. These are very flexible and can be customized according to your requirement.

Example: Drumberries Corporate Communications Module

The Group : We have a group of people from different departments of your organization.

: The aim is to bring them together as an entity sharing a common organisational vision and develop interdepartmental communication.

This involves a lot of subsets:

1. Understanding the main goal of the organization
2. Understanding the role of self and others
3. Communicating clearly to one self and others
4. Listening skills
5. Coordination between thought and action
6. Enhancing group dynamics: fostering harmony and stress reduction
7. Concentration- Enhancing the focus

The Process: Here all the participants will be grouped in different teams. Each team plays a different instrument and beat yet they will play together like an orchestra which stands for your people working together for the common objective of your organization. They understand and learn their respective roles as an individual, department and a team as a whole. This is followed by a group discussion to share experiences and debriefing.

This is transferable learning which will create positive changes and improvements in attitudes, behaviors and relationships
both at a professional and personal level
. Participants acquire a positive, effective and transferable toolset and will return
to work re-energized, invigorated, with fresh insights, strategies to tackle challenges which boost performance of the
teams and a greater connect between them.

Drumming together removes communication barriers and enhances connectivity in a team. Participants learn to communicate more effectively, listen more openly and clearly.

It reduces stress at individual and organisational level. Research shows drumming together
significantly reduces employee burnout, and subsequently lowers attrition.

Drumming initiatives are
extremely cost effective and have the potential to save millions related to employee burnout and attrition.

It promotes leadership, ability to take on newer challenges. It is a great
tool of transformation that intervenes at a very deep level creating greater insights.

It enhances focus and concentration. While drumming the mind works in the present moment- it centers the person. In today’s world when attention spans are fast decreasing and the mind is in a constant state of restlessness, drumming induces calm and strengthens your employees to stay on task, leading to
greater productivity.

stimulates creativity and enhances the expression at individual and group level.

It’s a great tool for
confidence building.

A very important reason people leave an organisation is due to indifference. In group drumming, everyone is actively involved and not a mere spectator. This enables an individual to make a significant contribution to the group,
feel meaningful and get a feeling of inclusion.

It generates a great amount of energy, euphoria and
motivates the team.

It enables people to develop self control, discipline and patience. These qualities go a long way in defining the
success of an organisation.

Most importantly, it is enjoyable and lots of fun. Satisfied and happy employees are the biggest asset any organisation can have.
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