Team Building

Drumberries workshop with children and youth is a great way to get them a hands-on experience with drums and rhythm. Drumming together as a group is a great way to enhance self-expression, self-awareness, promoting harmony & cooperation, enhancing focus and concentration.

Progressive institutes today understand the importance of integrated holistic development of a child, nurturing his core rather than creating similar prototypes with same set of knowledge and skills. Research now validates that Drumming for children, adolescents and youth is a very successful way of focusing, channelising their energies and coming together as a community.

In a Drumming session, the entire group comes together and play as an orchestra. Each participant is provided with a drum. Starting with a brief introduction of the drums, followed by simple warm-up exercises, the facilitator guides them through various activities. These emphasize and gives an insight into the processes of communication,listening, concentration, trust building, interpersonal skills, seeking newer challenges, creativity, supporting each other and all this while having fun as a group.

Hand Drums are accessible and do not present the challenge of a learning curve to begin with. Whether they are practiced musicians or it is their first time playing the instrument, students have immediate gratification and a sense of achievement. Playing drums together in a group creates a fun and dynamic learning environment. It is a spontaneous, high energy activity, allowing for greatest amount of creativity and self expression.

It brings together teachers, students and parents and is a great way of bonding!

Drumberries Educational Programmes are a great tool of transformation and learning in :

. Schools
. Colleges
. Universities
. Vocational Institutes
. Youth Programs such as NSS, Youth club, Scouts and Guides, NCC

Add another dimension to your programmes. Drumming activity is a very high energy session and
adds a lot of uniqueness and euphoria to your Annual Day, Sports Day, Parent-Teacher Meets or any other day that calls for a celebration.

Benefits of an Interactive Group Drumming Workshop:
  • Educational- an introduction to drums & world percussion
  • Fosters self awareness and self expression
  • Improves listening skills
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Motivates
  • Stimulates left- right brain integration
  • Builds confidence
  • Enjoyable and lots of fun
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