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TV9- NEWS, Hyderabad.
July 31,2011.


Aao Bajaao is an open drum circle organised by Drumberries, which is now held every month in Hyderabad...a great way to connect, interact and have fun!

Each participant is provided with drums and percussion, and then initiated by the facilitator they get into the groove and play together. The emphasis is on- “CREATE IN THE MOMENT”- improvisations, rhythms we feel and explore all together in the group. These are not pre-learnt or formal ones…it’s simply flowing right there. The first session of Aao Bajaao was held in May 2011.


The Hindu - Metroplus, Hyderabad.
July 27, 2011.


The beat of the drums can make you smile, relieve stress and take you on a spiritual journey. Through Drumberries, VeHaan and Meghna are helping people do just that. Sangeetha Devi Dundoo gets the details. In rhythm is life, believe VeHaan and Meghna. VeHaan and Meghna's abode in Sainikpuri resonates with music in every nook and corner. Drums of all sizes and shapes add a unique dimension to the house. “We can host a drumming session for 800 people at one go,” smiles Meghna.

VeHaan is a composer known for his tunes for ads, corporate films, short films and documentaries. Meghna is a psychologist who explored theatre and performing arts and found her calling as a sound engineer. Together, the couple founded Drumberries, through which they began conducting drumming sessions for corporate and educational institutions a year ago. VeHaan sums up, “There is rhythm in each one of us — the way we walk, the way we talk and our own heartbeat follows a rhythm. We need to be in tune with that rhythm.”

LINK: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-metroplus/article2303543.ece



The Hans India Newspaper, Hyderabad. July 27, 2011.


Drumming makes inroads into the urban landscape as people wake upto its rhythm.

What is fascinating about Drumberries is anyone can join in and in a matter of minutes get engulfed by the rhythm. There are no rules, one has to just follow the beats and have fun. The harmony and synchronization will take one to a higher plane and within minutes a sense of calmness engulfs you.

From executives from the corporate world to school children, everyone is enthralled and drumming their way from stress and anxiety. VeHaan says," there is rhythm in all of us and in everything we do, while talking, walking and in just about everything. At Aao Bajaao the idea is to get people to experience the power of drumming together and live in the moment."







Eenadu Newspaper, Hyderabad. July 16, 2011.


CHANNEL 6 Magazine, Hyderabad. July, 2011.


Two enterprising do-gooders in the city have come up with a novel way of using percussion therapy, not just for corporate and individual wellness workshops, but also for anyone interested in a little stress busting fun, discovers Lipi Bharadwaj.

Drumming is an ancient practice that people of the world have used for centuries. Now, Drum Circles are gaining popularity again. Drumming together is believed to release stress and also brings people together. “We at Drumberries are trying to bring this ancient technique of drumming, rhythm and music to Hyderabad,” says Meghna Arora, the co-founder of Drumberries — an organisation set up by her and VeHaan — which offers a wide range of Team Building, Training and Recreational programmes using rhythm and music techniques for corporate organisations, schools and colleges.

LINK: http://www.channel6.in/may11-articles/drumstruck-with-drumberries/





WOW Magazine, Hyderabad. July, 2011.

LINK: http://www.wowhyderabad.com


Cluburb, Hyderabad. June 15, 2011.

Come Together
Drumberries In Hyderabad

Few activities bring people together, like music and jamming out do. This is the idea behind Drumberries.

Weapon of choice: the jembe (which literally means “come together”). Using an arsenal of these wooden drums, Drumberries deploys drum circles (as big as 750, once).

Founder VeHaan hands out the drums, starts with the beats. The beat starts, and the jembe is right in your lap. Instinctively, you just pick up the beat. As VeHaan says, "Our hearts beat to a rhythm, we breathe one".

LINK: http://www.cluburb.com/lifestyle/recreation/2482-drumberries-hyderabad#comments


You & I Magazine, Hyderabad. June 13, 2011.


Drumberries organised " Aao Bajaao", an event at Sweet Nirvana, on May 28. This was the first open drum circle event in twin cities. It was a well attended session from all walks of life and the session was facilitated by VeHaan. Everyone participated in high spirits nd played varios instruments like drums and percussion. The session seemed endless and looking at the response Drumberries now wishes to make this a monthly activity in the city.

LINK: http://www.youandimag.com//index.aspx?issue=issue176

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