Team Building

Our “Team building Rhythm Modules”, are highly effective in bringing together all the members of your team towards a collective goal. A very powerful tool of transformation, which motivates, energizes and boosts their performance. It’s
Team building with a difference, to make a difference.

In a Team building session, the entire team comes together and play as an orchestra. Each participant is provided with a drum. Starting with simple warm-up exercises, the facilitator guides them through various activities that emphasize and gives an insight into the processes of communication, listening, concentration, trust building, interpersonal skills, seeking newer challenges, supporting each other and all this while having fun as a team.

Participants acquire a positive, effective and transferable toolset and will return to work re-energized, invigorated ,with fresh insights, strategies to tackle challenges which boost performance of the team. Drumming together draws out the collective energy of the team and enables the realization of the same, channelising it in a efficient, productive direction.

Drumming together is loads of fun and is a great stress buster. Be it a business house, an educational institute or a
government organization, our drumming activity infuses a lot of energy and spirit among the participants. It breaks down all the barriers of gender, age, religion, colour and region- it does not take much to imagine the positivity of an environment where you are not judged or tagged-
it can do wonders to your morale, self- esteem and confidence.

Great teamwork makes things happen more than anything else in organisations. Successful organisations use team building tools to ensure teamwork, employee retention, and financial growth.

At Drumberries, we have extensive experience building teams at all levels of an organisation. Team building activities can be held on-site at your organisations premises, off-site as a whole day session or a skill specific module. We have various modules for team building which can be held together as an intensive team building programme or as stand-alone sessions. These are very flexible and can be customized as per your requirements and time schedule.

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